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About Us

About Nihar Nature Cure

Nihar Arogya Mandir

Has been founded in May, 1994 by Ayur Guru Mukesh Patel. Now entering in the 25th year. In last 24 years, lacs of patients have been benefited in various diseases from constipation to cancer. Patients have been treated with the help of three miraculous words: Habit, Diet and Yoga and little amount of some herbs.

    How we treat patients:

  1. Personal Consultation
  2. Distance consultation

  1. Mud pack on abdominal area, on eyes, on legs-hands,
  2. Herbal steam bath
  3. Special Himalayan Breathing technique,
  4. Well designed aasana for particular diseases,
  5. Meditation.

About Nihar Nature Cure

Nihar Charitable Trust

  1. Camps have been arranged in country side, rural area.
  2. Also arranged some program in Central Prison, Ahmedabad City From June, 1994 to Dec. 1994 and again in Sept. 2012.
  3. Regularly serving free health tips through social media.
  4. Public health seminars in different cities of India.
  5. Regular TV shows for society since 2009 on local TV channel.
  6. Ayur Guru Mukesh Patel and Dipika Patel treating many patients either without taking any charge or with minimum charge.
  7. Serving another free health tips to the society via free monthly health magazine anupan in English as well as local Gujarati Chanel.
  8. Regularly try to attend needy people for different types of diseases i.e. from constipation to cancer.

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