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Anupan (monthly health magazine in English and Gujarati) Free e copy

Monthly free health journal from Nihar Charitable Trust

Anupan – Monthly health magazine in English & Gujarati

Monthly free health journal from Nihar Charitable Trust. All over the world thousands of people get benefit from this magazine.

    1. Different articles by Ayur Guru Mukesh Patel
    2. Disease related different topics from which one can get remedy,
    3. Chapter of true health story from which one can get remedy and trust,
    4. Ayurvedic remedies,
    5. Yoga related article
    6. Spiritual Article
    7. Article by psychiatrist Doctor
    8. Article by Ayurvedic Doctor
    9. Article about some natural remedy
    10. Article about naturopathy

We scientifically treat our patients without medicines by naturopathy & cure them quickly

In way that helps them remain healthy thereafter.

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