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Mukesh Patel

Mukesh Patel

Mr.Mukesh Patel Is Active In The Field Of Naturopathy Since 1985. After Acquiring Basic Knowledge Of Naturopathy And Completing Education, He Gave Free Advice-Cum-Treatment To Many People For Months -- Sometimes In Central Prision, Ahmedabad, Yoga Training Was Given To Prisoners, Sometimes Training Was Given To Children Visiting Temples. He Educated Many Persons At Various Public Places. During The Course Of This Period, Certain Truths Were Revealed.

The Reason Of Apathy Of Modern Youths Towards Ayurved And Naturopathy Due To Strict Dieting And 'Ukalas' (Bitter Herbal Medicine) For Long Period, Ayurved Has Been Neglected. In India, Mahatma Gandhi Revived Naturopathy. Naturally, Therefore, Many Khadi-Clad Gandhians Have Been Propagating This Treatment By Nature. Gandhiji Was A Very Practical Person ( He Was Not Gandhian !). Unluckily, Today In The 21st Century, Many Practioners Of Naturopathy Have Halted The Spread Of Naturopathy By Dragging The Patient Towards Old Age Remedies (Rather The Remedies Which Are Practically Not Possible In Daily Routine). Mukesh Patel Has Introduced 'Habit, Diet And Yoga' Innovative System And Through 'Nihar Aarogya Mandir' This System Among Young Generation And Recovered Many People From Different Types Of Diseases.(Such As Cancer, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure, Skin-Diseases, Obesity, Depression Etc.)

This Way, Without Breaking The Basic Principles Of Old System, He Started The Hard Work Of Curing People Having Faith In The Old Natural System. Naturopathy Cannot Be So Strict That Even A 'Sanyasin' Would Feel It Strict ! Habit, Diet And Yoga Are As Old As Human Existence, But Mukesh Patel Could Successfully Undertake To Combine Health With This System Of Treatment. Any Person, Who Wishes To Remain Healthy Or Who Wishes To Recover From Lost Health, Has To Initially Change His Habits Such As Saliva In Our Mouth Turns The Morsel Of Food Soft And Digestible, Saliva Acts As Insulin, Hence If We Chew Our Food Properly In A Healthy And Peaceful Surroundings, Then Gastric Trouble,Diabetes, Indigestion Etc. Could Be Avoided Or At Least Reduced. Other Such Habit Is Of Sitting Straight.(Not Tight)

By Sitting Straight, The Additional Presssure On Stomach Is Reduced As The Stomach Portion Remains Free. As Such, Pressure On Lumber Vertibra Is Avoided So That The Backbone Pain Gets Reduced Or Completely Cured. This Is Regarding Change Of Habits. Similarly, Suitable Changes In Diet Is Essential. Milk Being The Complete Food, Naturally Takes More Time To Digest. With Such Complete Food, If Heavy Diet Such As Cereals Or Meat Is Taken, Then Gastric Trouble Or Other Ailment May Arise. Salad Is Good Provided Its Quantity Of Intake Is Increased Gradually ( Up To The Limit As Suggested By Dietician ); Otherwise, It Results In Gastric Trouble Or Any Problem. If Many Items Of Diet Are Taken At A Time, It Is Wrong Combination Of Food Which Is Likely To Result In Skin Disease. Similar Are The Facts Regarding Yoga. Breathing Exercises Are Benefical Provided They Are Undertaken According To The Patient's Body Capacity. Exercises Of Joints Are To Be Done Cautiously, Incresing Gradually And Aasanas Can Be Done According To The Capacity Of Body And At Proper Time. With All These, To Retain Youth, One Must Take Help Of Scientific Fasting.(Not Total Absence Of Food)

Mukesh Patel Has Authored Five Booklets On The Subject Of 'Habit,Diet And Yoga' Innovative Therapy. Since July-2007, He Has Been Writing Articles In Anupan Monthly Magazine Of Which He Is Editor. Besides, He Delivers Public Speeches, Gives Training And Takes Care Of Regular Patients At 'Nihar' Centre.