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What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

  • Natural Treatment Or Naturopathy Or Nature Cure Is A Methodical And Scientific System For Maintaining Health Or Recovering From Lost Health Due To Sickness. After Implementing Suitable Changes In Life-Style With The Aid Of Breathing Exercises,Fruits And With The Aid Of Innocent As Well As Natural Medication. The Basic Principle Of This System Rests On The Five Elements Of Nature I.E. Fire,Clay,Water Air And Space. Which Are The Remedies Of Our Health Hazards. According To The Facts Of The World History,No Country Of The World Has Achieved Which Naturopathy Has Been Able To Achieve. It Is, Therefore, Not Only A Science But An Exact Science Of Health.
  • Naturopathy Is As Old As Mankind.Rigved Is Considered To Be The Oldest Document On Earth In Which Information Regarding Treatment By Nature Is Given In Short Yet Clear Words. Other Documents Also Make A Mention About Treatment By Water And Air,Scientific Base Of Fasting And Diet. In Ved Also Mention Has Been Made At Several Places Praising The Treatment With Water. The System Of 'Surya-Namaskar' Must Have Been Started By Persons Aware Of The Beneficial Results Of Treatment By Sun-Rays.
  • The Treatment Of Diabetes As Suggested By Ancient Indian Ayurved Master 'Charak' Is Also The Treatment By Nature.Greeks And Romans Possessed Good Knowledge Of Naturopathy.Hyppocrates Had Unswering Faith In Naturopathy.
  • Naturopathy Is Revolutionary. It Daringly Declares That The Whole Modern Medication System From Top To Bottom, Is A Myth. Naturopathy Believes That The World Sustains On A Definite Regulation; Whereas The Medication System Believes That The World Sustains On Providence. Again,Naturopathy Clearly States That To Fall Ill Or To Remain Healthy Is In Our Hands; Whereas The Medication System Believes That Disease Is An Accident.
  • The Beginning Of Natural Treatment Of Modern Age Or Naturopathy Originated In Germany. A Mega Force Of Nature Started And It Seemed That Some Unknown Mysterious Factor Was Dragging The Persons Of Different Fields Towards Naturopathy.
  • Father Kanipe Was A Priest(Father), Precinitz Was A Farmer,Lui Kunhe Was A Weaver And Adolf Just Was Merely A Teacher.So After Considerable Penance Of Many Such Persons-- Say ,Modern Rishis(Live Life For Mankind) That This Treatment By Nature Or Naturopathy Became Available To Modern Humanity.