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Skin problems

About Treatment

Skin problems

Our liver controls skin. So, in any type of skin disease, patient has to follow strict diet plan to get rid of from disease or to reduce the intensity of the problem.

    1. We treat patients with the help of diet plan. If patient can able to follow diet plan, he can get fast result in short time.
    2. Some natural creams for applying on affected area as well as some tablets to take oral.
    3. Yoga is a treasure of health if one can use it. We treat patient with the help of breathing technique, mudras and some aasanas.
    4. Meditation is having midas touch for many diseases. Many times due to stress, patient suffers from skin disease also. Meditation helps to reduce stress, so reducing skin problem.

We scientifically treat our patients without medicines by naturopathy & cure them quickly

In way that helps them remain healthy thereafter.

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