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Today, our body does not get vitamins because of junk food [junk means decay...!] and besides that free radicals are increasing inside body. Also, there are effects of chemicals and additives of junk food on digestion system. Body does not get vitamins and minerals, whatever vitamins are got, cannot absorb properly, after that immunity is decreasing gradually. At last it converts into cancer. There are no germs in the disease of cancer.

Cancer happens due to uncontrolled addiction. The person, who has addiction in controlled manner, gets affected minimum of its side effects. Several people are there who are regularly doing addiction but have lived for 100 years. People having potato vegetable in their food everyday have died in heart attack! Unlimited potatoes or unlimited drinking water can also damage our body.

Today women are affected more with cancer because they have dual responsibilities on their head. They have to handle their job as well as they have responsibilities of their home also. Medicines for prevention of pregnancy, early menstruation medicines and delayed menstruation medicines disturb natural cycles of hormones in body. The proportion of breast cancer is increased because of not feeding baby for long time after baby birth. Natural cycles get disturbed due to taking medicines to stop feeding or start feeding. Before baby birth, during pregnancy if mother has taken much medicines or side effects from any medicines occurs then also the baby can get cancer.

From the period of year 1970 to 1980, many women had taken medicine named Cilbastrol in U.S.A. The side effect of that medicine appeared after 15 to 20 years. The baby girls being born from those women became 18 to 20 years , then some of the baby girls got vaginal cancer! Cancer can also happen by eating spoiled, inside black groundnut beans.

Cancer can be cured by changing in diet and by taking herbs [vegetation]. Perhaps cancer reached in later stage is not cured but it is also controlled without medicines and a patient can live better life. While a patient has few days in his/her life, at that time naturopathy is proved natural for a patient’s better life and better death both in real sense.

Natural remedy for Cancer

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