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Cervical and Lumber Spondiloitis

There are  7 vertebras in our neck, 12 in back and 5 in waist. There are total 24 vertebras and after that coccyx(tail  bone) , which can be called solid spring vertebra. The first effect of tension or stress is got on neck vertebras because when there is stress, the nerves passing through vertebras become hard. When we do any work, these hard nerves are getting stretched.It is necessary to straight our hand from wrist while doing work with

It is necessary to straight our hand from wrist while doing work with computer, driving car or riding bike. Along with that work should also be done lightly. Our whole body gets message of lightness by taking slow - deep breathing, whenever we remember during day time. Spinal cord is continuously joined with brain. Whenever we do meditation or deep breathing then immediately brain starts to flow current of lightness and peace in spinal cord. So many tiny joints connected with cervical vertebra starts relaxing. First of all cultivate habit of sitting straight to control pain of waist. Straight but relax straight. It will pain more if you sit straight by stretching. When we sit uneven, stomach is pressed from front side and last 2 to 3 back vertebras are pressed. Waist pain can be happened with such our wrong style. When stomach is pressed, indigestion occurs and gas produced from indigestion, results in waist pain. Stomach and waist are always pressed by sitting on revolving chair, soft cushion of leather or sofa set. In many cases there is pressure on sciatica nerve because of last 2 vertebras L-4 & L-5 being remained inside  ??. Sometimes, knee stops to bend due to pressing of last 2 vertebras. The switch of knee remains in last 2 vertebras. When the portion of stomach is raised or indigestion occurs then raised or hard stomach constantly stretches waist from front side. With this, waist losses its natural  lordosis. Non-natural pressure [or stretching] of raised [or spoiled] stomach comes on such front side bent waist. Endocrine glands work properly during sleep time by doing shavasan, omkar mantra and light meditation before sleeping. When tension is raised, rhythm is broken which results in pain. When you do work with lightness and rhythm, you will be able to decrease or cure neck and waist pain. Our help and your action. Our advice and you have to follow the same.