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Pancreas is connected with our mind. Whenever tension is increased, secretion of insulin is decreased immediately. Sweetness is the last reason for having diabetes. Fundamental causes of diabetes are different. . Not only pancreas but other endocrine glands also become weak, due to kitchen heredity, habit of fast eating, habit of late sleeping and sleeping stress etc.

Kitchen heredity means getting wrong habits of diet by child from its parents. Little child tries to walk like its father innocently. The child adopts bad habits of diet from parents unknowingly. Heredity of junk food, fried food, over salty food, late sleeping and laziness is more responsible for the diseases like diabetes, obesity and blood pressure.

Generally there are 70% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 10% fat in diet. In this, diet like roti [bread], rice, milk is called carbohydrate food. Such food should be eaten peacefully, by chewing properly, because such half diet is digested in mouth and rest half is digested in stomach. Saliva coming inside mouth is insulin. There is only one pancreas in stomach but many in mouth. Once we start chewing food peacefully then sugar starts decreasing immediately.

With doing joint exercise in sitting position, sugar [lying outside body, peripheral level] burns within 20 minutes. Won’t you give your 20 minutes for your marvel and divine body? Mind remains peaceful with exercise of walking. Tension is decreased with peaceful mind and sugar is decreased with decreasing of tension. But if you walk slightly away from your home, you get much more benefit.

Many patients of diabetes are having more interest in earning money rather than their own body. In this disease laziness is increased with weakening of nerves. Such patients have laziness in doing exercise but they become excited with the talk of money! The patient has to decide, what he wants to preserve more, body or vault.

Diet during 9 months, quarrelling between husband-wife during that period, side effects of any medicine during pregnancy, addiction of pregnant mother, late sleeping etc. are also responsible for Juvenile diabetes. In many cases, when a child is grown in very strict atmosphere, then also juvenile diabetes is seen.

In short, the disease connected with mind will be cure by making mind healthy. You never get complete result if you cure for body while the disease is connected with mind, the disease can be controlled. Diabetes is an engine of disease, if it is not controlled without medicines then many illnesses follows.