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Eye Problem

In fact eyes are window to see, we see with brain only. We see by optic nerve connecting eyes to brain. Eyes require regular coolness, exercise and vitamins. There are two types of cells in eyes. Corns and Rhodes. Rhodes converts light into black and white. And corns convert light coming on eyes into colour. Rhodes helps us to see at night. But in non-natural light; means to work in closed room under light or working up to late night, eyes become weak gradually. Most of animals, birds can see the world in black and white only.

Human has got gift of being able to see colourful world of nature and he spoils his time in colours of artificial world with artificial display of artificial world. In artificial display of artificial world, time for regular sleeping at night and regular awakening in the morning is not maintained. If we get good and deep natural sleep at night, then our eyes are also maintained well.

A big quantity of vitamin “A” and vitamin “C” is stored in eyes. This both the vitamins are antioxidant. Whenever stress is increased in body, major disease like diabetes or blood pressure occurs then these vitamins are used speedily to fight against such illness. So the eyes become weak speedily in diabetes. If B.P. is increased then also eye retina can be shifted.

If eyes are used more, then also its muscles become tired. Whenever we remember, by sprinkling natural cold water into eyes its muscles get natural freshness. At every 2 hours keeping eyes closed; by setting palms on it and doing palming exercisemuscles get relaxed and relief. If meditation is done during palming then eye muscles retain their tone and with that if deep breathing is done, the additional stop of oxygen is also being received.

Vitamin “C” is used every day and it is not stored in proper proportion in body. So it is necessary to take vitamin “C” daily. For eyes vitamin a means immortal (nectar). If carrot juice is taken continuously for 2 to 3 years in its season then eye numbers also can be reduced. Difficulties in seeing at night can also be removed by regular use of vitamin “A” in natural form.

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