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Gout Problem

Gout is one type of gas disease. The patient gets unbearable pain with increase of Uric Acid in body. The history of gout is 4000 years old. Gout word has come from “Gutta” word used among ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek people. “Gutta” means drop. Generally the people who are having less physical work, fond of more eating-drinking are having more possibilities of gout. Normally women are having gout after stopping of menstruation; otherwise possibility of gout is less.

When protein [milk, grains, dry fruits etc.] is not digested properly in body, then Uric Acid is made from them. Additional Uric Acid creates pain by mixing up with blood. The substance named Purine is released at the end of digestion from the food what we take daily. Uric acid is made from breaking of Purine. This Uric acid goes to kidney through blood. Kidney is throwing Uric Acid [made from Purine] from body through urine.

Gout occurs by taking more food than necessity, with lack of physical work and because of excess sexual activity. By observing excess of fasts, having additional sugar daily or if body weight decreases suddenly, then level of Uric Acid is increased in body and gout happens.

If protein is not digested, gout occurs. Labour work is necessary to digest protein. If you do hard work then it breaks into stomach and its real digestion starts in intestine. Gout can be controlled or removed with exercise and control of diet. The important thing is that, it is also controlled without medicines. Barley water and cherry, these two are natural medicines which are helpful to decrease additional Uric Acid or help to throw out from body.

“If medicine for any disease is taken for long time then its side effect is happened on kidney”, such statement is written by medicine manufacturing company itself on medicines for Blood Pressure. So there is no alternate of exercise and labour work for patients of this disease. Nature cure or naturopathy welcomes you in the world without medicine. Nature is always ready to welcome you if you are ready to obey the law of nature.