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Hair Problem

Brain neurons and hairs of head are being vanished every day. Hairs are grown: but neurons are not made as so. Every day there is hair falling of 25 to 50 hairs from heads of all of us. There is already load of study on kid’s mind from small age only in today’s competitive era. With that, additional stress is also produces according to situations.

Because of eating non-natural diet and sweet (and) weight increasing things like chocolates, ice-creams etc.; the digestion system of body is spoiled; from a very small age only. There does not remain calcium in proper proportion in body. If overall calcium level is maintained then also there is no medical report of calcium proportion at each place in whole body. It is necessary to get calcium in proper proportion to hair mind and other organs regularly. There is also need of calcium except joints in body.

Hair requires calcium, vitamins and saline (salty). If proportion of hormones is unbalanced in body then also hair becomes spoiled. If connection with nature cycle breaks or you do over work or late sleeping by losing your harmony then hormone balance is disturbed. Such balance can be received back with the help of nature cure.

Very effective cure to control stress or to evade from stress is breathing actions and like meditations. Endogens secretion can be prevented with meditation with that it is also necessary to reduce the use of non-natural items. With the side effect of modern medicines of diseases like cancer, radiation, chemical etc. also hair becomes less or weak.

With the help of changes in diet regularity and specific yoga, hair can be increased again. Hair may increase by concentrating on diet with protein only but digestion can be spoiled. Load is increased on digestion system and kidney by taking protein more than requirement. Instead of that external application of Ayurveda oil other herbal medicines can be used. Hair becomes long also, growth can be increased also; if we do this treatment for long time then white hair can also become black again.