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Head Ache

When any trouble arises in our body, brain is working sitting on top in our body. When any difficulties arise in brain, nature removes it sitting above all of us. When headache happens, it could require rest, isolation or lightness. Our brain is connected with universe.

There are many types of headache. Generally people having “pitta” nature get more difficulties of headache. When people with such nature go outside in sunlight, with changes in their mealtime, if late sleeping occurs or fermented or fried food is taken in meal, headache occurs due to upward lifting of “pitta”. They get peace with vomiting. In many cases lightness is also got by tying head and sleeping. There is another brain required to repair brain. Nature means super brain beyond brain. If you surrender to brain means operation is surely going to occur.

Intestines are connected with mind. Peristalsis movement reverses with malfunctioning of digestive action. Gas goes upward with such reverse movement. For “pitta” nature patients, It takes “pitta”[lying in body] upward with upward going gas. Serious headache like migraine occurs due to such “pitta”.

Except this, peristalsis movement can reverse because of habit of late sleeping, habit of late night food eating etc. Today in the year 2012 also, human can utilize only 5 to 10% of brain in spite of such developing science. Utilization is done these much only, its understanding is yet pending!

Trying to understand brain means try to solve nature’s many mysteries. Instead of understanding brain and nature, if we live with them, many problems and many sickness are removed. Let brain do its work, you live natural life living with nature. You are welcomed on the platform of nature at “NIHAR AAROGYA MANDIR”. Nature has given us body, mind and soul. Our three medicines are Habit, Diet and Yoga.