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Heart Disease

“The place of mind is in heart”, it is said in world’s oldest Indian mythological books. The effect of our thoughts is directly done on the activity of heart. Otherwise, according to body science, heart is beating continuously and doing its work. We have seen a case like: sometimes brain is ruined then also beating of heart is working. In such case, because mind is not there, life is continuing without life, blood is circulating in empty box.

Walking exercise is proved best beneficial for heart patients. By walking outside home, mind comes to alpha level and beats become regular. If walking is done under tree, we get benefits of its vibrations. Our mind becomes joyful with trees, herbs and other natural beauty. We come into tension, when our heart trouble starts.

Facilities of modern era have made us sicker. You get joy by watching TV but when you are involved with the character of TV serial then you are addicted with such programmes. The same way if your working hours are increased then also it is an addiction. The person is jumbled in outer world by forgetting to go inside own. It cannot be used if there is much wealth. It is tried for safety by preserving it. Friendship is broken with self of individual.

Except human, there is everything in harmony in nature. When heart beats are joined with natural harmony, its pressure is in harmony. When non-natural life starts, then various heart diseases come with breaking of such harmony. A person tries to remove stress by eating anything. Weight is increased with such junk food and other harmful diet. Without doing exercise, pipes flowing blood becomes hard. The layers of cholesterol are deposited on its walls.

Old age comes early with oil, salt and sugar. Heaps of disease occurs. Specifically with more use of these 3, diabetes and heart disease occur. Try to understand kitchen heredity instead of disease heredity. Such heavy, hard to digest food is made in your kitchen from the years, then you will get major diseases only.

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