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Currently the cases of infertility have increased. And two major factors are stress and the non-natural lifestyle. Increase in stress affects the pituitary gland in our brain. This gland is responsible for the prolactin secretion. In a women’s body, if there is increase in this secretion its quantity increases in the blood. This disturbs the menstruation cycle and reduces the chances of pregnancy.

If prolactin secretion level increases in a male’s body he can suffer from Azopermia and chances of becoming impotent increases. The pituitary gland can be made strong by taking the help of natural treatment. If there is tumour in the pituitary gland it can be cured without surgery with the help of Indian Yogshastra.

Infertility can be caused due to genetic reasons, tobacco intake or due to overweight or underweight in women. The conclusion is that stress is the root cause of this problem. Stress affects the brain as well as the sexual organs. Living a lifestyle which is contrary to the natural cycle causes the glands to lose their rhythm.

People working late nights like doctor, pilot, nurse etc. have more chances of suffering from infertility. Animals, birds and millions of those common people who have the habit of sleeping at fixed time can enjoy good health and such women can conceive appropriately and enjoy motherhood.

Nihar Aarogya Mandir offers natural treatment that can cure all your deep-rooted problems. If the sperm count is low according to the reports then the treatment to increase it is possible. Natural treatment can cure overweight. Pranayam is helpful in decreasing the high prolactin level.