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Weight means do not eat more. If weight is not to be increased then first control is required on eating habit. Today also the research is continued on how the weight is increased and decreased…! But it is fact that fatty people make other do their work with smile. With this technique their work is being done but weight is increased with that also. Weight will not be reduced with smile; you will have to work yourself only.

Before baby birth, during nine months, its mother should take care, so that very fatty baby does not take birth. After baby birth, its future is in the hands of total 6 people, its mother-father, grandfather- grandmother and maternal parents. These 6 people in the name of love-affection make baby eat things which are not required to eat. So that only, body of baby becomes fat and weak. Such love-affection makes their baby an instrument of joke in future.

Don’t do crash diet for weight reduction. The more speed it decreases, it will increase with more pace. You will reach to more weight than original weight. If you try to reduce weight by putting machine on stomach then sometimes by lowering intestines, you may become victim of hernia disease. In case of women, incidence of uterus lowering is also happened.

One law of this world is that, you will get what you work. If machine works instead of you and your weight does not decrease. Somebody else chews your food and your diet does not digest. Somebody else does your work and your weight is reduced, it does not happen. Somebody else will do work and you earn money; if you do not give his part then also you will not be able to utilize it. It will be on your name but that money will be lying in your account. You will not be even able to utilize it in worthy work. Give the entire part to the people who have worked.

To reduce weight is very easy but is difficult to maintain it. According to modern science, it is not harmful if 100 gm. weight is reduced daily. If you are ready for work with control, ready for little change in your diet then you can adopt treatment of “NIHAR AAROGYA MANDIR”. Easy but scientific exercise and when required herbs can also be used. If we ourselves speak mantra then only we get “Moksha” [go to heaven], if Brahmin speaks mantra we do not get “Moksha”