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Skin Disease

According to body science skin is connected with our liver. When any trouble occurs in liver then its effect is seen on skin. Liver means laboratory inside our body and with that digestion oven. The most important work of food digestion is also connected with liver and liver also does the work to keep eye for every intake inside body. Liver catches immediately the slight infection of water or food and keep tries to evade us.

If we have taken impure water indigestible food or any heavy medicine, liver immediately keeps all these inside it. It catches elements harmful to body and slowly release in blood. If toxic in more proportion comes simultaneously into body then it harms us but if liver releases it slowly then could be escaped from major damage.

When tension is increased, immunity is decreased. When immunity is decreased, any substance touches with body then itching can be occurred. If cotton, vegetation plant or branch of any tree touches then also itching starts and rashes occuron the skin. In such situation secretion of histamine is increased. Increased histamine can be controlled with nature cure and yoga instead of reducing it with medicines.

Non-natural diet, diet with chemical, stressed lifestyles and because of reducing immunity now proportion of skin disease is increased. In today’s modern era people give more importance to their work instead of body. Due to this the effect of seven endocrine glands inside body affects seven layers of skin.

Surrender to nature cure means surrender to nature. Our body is made of five elements of nature viz. fire, earth, water, gas and sky. There may not be allergy of elements from what we are made… with the addition of Indian divine heritage of 5000 years… After that there comes best result…