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The name of secretion from thyroid gland is thyroxin. It is also known as “Summer Hormone”. The main work of this secretion is to increase use of Oxygen. Digestion is improved when use of Oxygen is increased. Digestion of protein is done properly; absorption of vitamins is also done properly. The secretion of thyroid is necessary for development and grows of body. Digestion of our fundamental main diet carbohydrate, protein and fat is connected with thyroid gland. Body temperature is also connected with this gland. There are so many big-small tips of nature cure that sun of health will raise in your life. It is fixed that illness of thyroid is not a small illness.

Now if, somebody is showing you cure of such major illness then you should follow its concerned instructions with total seriousness. If you face any difficulties, our help will be getting by you.

When you don’t go in sunlight, do not warm body with heat of exercise and living in constant stress then thyroid occurs. The side effects of stress are there with two major endocrine glands inside our body and cumulatively thyroid happens. Although effects of stress are there on all endocrine glands but in this disease pituitary gland and thyroid gland are mutually connected.

Some breathing exercise, sun bath, meditation and with some changes in diet, thyroid treatment is done. Herb is being used as and when required. This way with the help of nature cure, this disease can be decreased or cured. Your victory is decided if you give more importance to your body than daily work…